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Many people prefer a gas golf cart over an electric one, or need one or several utility carts – most utility carts are gas – on a construction site with no easy access to an outlet to charge an electric one. With so many electric carts, gas carts are becoming harder to find. However, we have both new and used gas golf carts available for sale, as well as for rental!

It’s very difficult to find a gas cart that’s street legal, since laws have changed to only allow electric carts – this is because electric carts give off no emissions, and are able to maintain a speed of 24mph, the required speed golf carts must go in order to be allowed on roads 35mph or less. Street legal golf carts must also have a minimum of 4 passengers – 2 passenger carts are not street legal.

NOTE: The used carts pictured below may not be available after the time of writing. However, we may have similar used carts – gas or electric – in stock. Our American Landmaster carts are new and are available in several different models and colors. For more information on what’s available, use our contact form to get in touch with us.

Used Gas Golf Cart

From left to right, the carts featured in the gallery above are as follows:

2002 Club Car DS: A lifted 4 passenger cart with several accessories, including front and rear LED light bars, overhead radio and speakers, carbon dash with locking glove boxes, custom carbon steering wheel, and a custom long roof top. New 14 inch alloy rims and tires, and new black rear cupholder armrests. Custom luxury padded seats.

Custom EZGO TXT: Year unknown, 2 passenger golf cart with a custom zebra pattern body. New tires with gold-colored rims, neon LED lights on the sides, radio and speakers, and a custom dash with glove boxes.

2013 EZGO TXT: 4 passenger lifted cart in very good condition with a 13HP 400cc Kawasaki engine – runs fast, approximately 28mph. Several new features have been installed, including a 6 inch lift kit, 14 inch alloy wheels, 23 inch all-terrain tires, folding windshield, and fold-down rear seats.

2007 EZGO: 4 passenger cart with space between the front and rear seats for bags and other small cargo. 350cc engine and a new 12 volt battery. Cart has mirrors, a horn, and new vinyl seats.

2005 EZGO TXT: 4 passenger lifted cart with a front basket, head and tail lights, mirror, rear safety bar, and extended canopy. 12 inch wheels; all-terrain tires. Tan seats have some tears.

2017 EZGO TXT: 4 passenger lifted cart with a new body and 13HP 400cc Kawasaki engine. 6 inch lift kit, 14 inch custom SS wheels (SS tires are also available for purchase on our parts website, Prime Cart Parts), and 23 inch all-terrain tires. New seats and new fold-down back seats.

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Utility Golf Cart

Many of our gas golf carts are utility carts, with the option of a box bed or flat bed.

1999 Club Car Carryall 2: 2 passenger utility cart with an aluminum rear trunk with tilt dump.

2000 Club Car Carryall 6: 2 passenger utility cart with a flatbed, lights, and many new parts, in very good condition.

2006 EZGO Workhorse: 2 passenger utility cart with a rear trunk with tilt dump; includes lights, a tow hitch, and a front brush guard.

2008 Club Car Carryall 6: 2 passenger utility cart with a flatbed and canopy roof. Lights and good tires.

2008 Club Car Carryall Turf 2: 2 passenger utility cart with an aluminum rear trunk with tilt dump, lights, and a tow hitch.

American Landmaster UTV

We have a blog about the American Landmaster utility cart, along with a page on our main site all about each type of American Landmaster, and a page for each model.

Every American Landmaster UTV is fully American made, built from the ground up in Columbia City, Indiana, and built with 30+ new features in safety, reliability, performance, and design. It has its own, best-in-class Landmaster ride optimization suspension system (LROSS) for a smooth ride and driving experience over any terrain, with the utility bed loaded or unloaded. The LROSS and super-sport trailing arm lessens the roughness of driving over railroad tracks, uneven terrain, and rumble strips An all-steel frame protects both the inside and outside of the vehicle from rollover damage, while side skirts and fenders dampen outside noise from the motor and road. Not only is the winch protected from debris due to a winch mount behind the bumper, it comes with an in-dash connector for convenient remote access, and its new location frees up the front receiver for additional implements. American Landmaster also offers accessory packages including easy-to-install turn signals, LED lights, strobe lights, bed lifts, horns, dome lights, snow plows, and rear flood lights.

The American Landmaster models we carry are the L3, L4, L5W, L7, and L7X. All except the L7X have 2 seats; the L7X has 4 seats.

If you would like more information on the gas carts we have available, would like to see more cart pictures, or are interested in purchasing a gas or electric cart, contact us by using our contact form to get directly in touch with us. For more on used golf carts, check out out used carts page on our main website.

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